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IT operations are becoming critical in today’s business context. IT organizations are challenged to realize and demonstrate return on investments on IT assets. IT organizations have set themselves up on the operations excellence journey to transform from a support function to a business enabler. They are entrusted an enviable mission of reducing the cost of providing IT services on time without compromising on service quality.

IT Organizations are continuously seeking to deliver key business values - higher service quality, cost reduction, better integration, and greater agility. Operationally, they are seeking to stabilize technologies and IT operations through process standardization and best practices implementation.

InTouch’s quality consulting services are designed to help organizations achieve operational excellence through process solutions. The focus is on practical, implementable strategies and improvement plans to realize business value, quickly and effectively. We help our clients optimize their IT delivery services with increased quality and agility while reducing cost and risks by leveraging industry best practices – ITIL, control frameworks – COBIT and SOX, coupled with structured methodologies and techniques – Six Sigma and LEAN. We employ a structured and a flexible engagement methodology – D3V, which consists of discover, define, deploy and verify phases.

InTouch’s quality consulting services in the area of IT service management are aligned into broadly five areas which are discussed

  • ITSM consulting
  • Business IT alignment
  • Standards and certifications
  • Process Consolidation
  • Process Optimization

Quality consulting group also offers Rapid SM, a mature quality management system incorporating Wipro’s vast experience and expertise in infrastructure & quality management, synthesizing the best practices of standards & frameworks such as ITIL, ISO20000 and COBIT. Rapid SM is a process framework with all guidelines, policies, procedures, templates, checklists and workflows.